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Support Software

Preprocessing Software

There is a GUI to make the mesh and set the attributes file, Simulation Application Suite available from Simmetrix. To repeat the demo that we did in class I have prepared some material. The directory that has the results of our in class demos can be found here (45k). Finally, the movies are uploaded for; Meshing (65MB avi file or for ShockWave Stream), Problem Definition (60MB avi file or for ShockWave Stream), Preprocessing (31MB avi file or for ShockWave Stream). In those tutorials for 2006, the software was downloaded and installed on each students laptop but this year we will be running it at SCOREC. An update (127MB avi file or for ShockWave Stream) that runs through the entire software chain at SCOREC (highlights only the differences without all the details shown above so the old tutorials are complementary and still where the tool is explained at a pace that is easier for learning).

A debug (65MB avi file or for ShockWave Stream) tutorial is also available. You can use this debug tool to step through the code see the progress building vareous terms discussed in the notes, printing termporary variables to increase your undetstanding, etc. :

Postprocessing Software

You can get paraview for windows here (31MB)